“Exobrain” refers to an artificial brain located outside the human body

The Exobrain project is hosted by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI, Detailed task 1 is under the direction of ETRI and detailed task 2 is directed by Saltlux.

Task 1

Detailed task 1

Development of the knowledge-evolutionary WiseQA platform technology for human knowledge-augmented services

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Task 2

Detailed task 2

WiseKB: Developing self-learning knowledge-base and reasoning technology based on big data understanding

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Task 3

Detailed task 3 (2013~2019)

Development of context-aware Deep-Symbolic Hybrid Intelligence original technology and construction of language knowledge resources

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Exobrain Success Stories

Won the Scholarship Quiz Show <Compete! Exobrain>, proving the possibility of securing domestic independent AI technology

- Competed with 4 former quiz winners in Nov. 2016 and obtained a final score of 510 points (from a total possible score of 600), overwhelming the second-place winner by 160 points

- Developed grammar-understanding technology on the level of linguists and QA technology on the level of human quiz winners

Commercialized an AI platform utilizing original technology for Exobrain

- Commercialized the news context customized ads
(launched by Interworks Media in Feb. 2016)

- ADAM (launched by Saltlux in April 2017)

- MAUM.AI (launched by MINDsLab in May 2017)

Opened API services for Exobrain

- Opened on Oct. 30, 2017

- Provided open API services for research and development of prototypes

- Connected with the intelligence information industry infrastructure project hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT