Research Task Title

Development of the knowledge-evolutionary WiseQA platform technology for human knowledge-augmented services

Introduction to the Research

The objective of this research is to develop a knowledge evolutionary question answering system for deducing the correct answe by understanding the meaning of a problem described in complex natural language. As such, the purpose of the research is to provide an expert-level question answering service in an environment of the knowledge industry such as law, patents, etc.

복잡한 자연어로 기술된 문제의 의미를 이해하고, 정답을 추론하여 생성함

<Understands the meaning of questions presented in complex natural language and generates answers by reasoning>

Research Goals

(Research goal in Phase 3) Development of explainable QA systems for supporting decision-making in expert fields and provision of an Open API for Exobrain

Research goal in Phase 3

(Research goal in Phase 2) Development of QA systems in expert fields (patents and law) and provision of an Open API for Exobrain

Research goal in Phase 2

(Research goal in Phase 1) Development of WiseQA technology for providing a short answer on the basis of common-sense knowledge

Research goal in Phase 1 Research goal in Phase 1


With regard to detailed task 1, the responsible organization and the participating organization are to implement technology development for the purpose of development of WiseQA core technology and the platform, on the basis of the detailed work package as shown below.

Work Package 기반 역할분담