2018 Published Exobrain open API and learning data (revised)

2018.12.11 Detail 1

  • Published additional Wikipedia Q&A and machine reading comprehension Q&A API
  • Published additional language processing learning data and development standard
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2018 Exobrain Language Intelligence Symposium

2018.08.13 Detail 1

  • Keynote speech and Exobrain study results given by overseas experts
  • Technology exchange with domestic researchers through exhibition of posters and technology
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12th SAC 2017

2017.11.15 Detail 2

The Truth about Artificial Intelligence and Data

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Opened API services for Exobrain

2017.10.30 Detail 1

  • Opened in Oct. 30, 2017
  • Provided free API services for research and development of prototypes
  • Connected with the intelligence information industry infrastructure project hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT
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Distributed Exobrain corpora to the HCLT conference in 2017

2017.10.13 Detail 1

99 Exobrain corpora distributed by the Conference of Hangul and Korean Information Processing (Oct. 13th to 14th 2017)

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Provided an Artificial Intelligence R&D challenge with an interface to a natural language program

2017.08.25 Detail 1

  • Utilized the Artificial Intelligence R&D Challenge to support “Finding out the Fake News” directed by the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2017
  • Distributed the Exobrain Library to the organizations participating in the AI Challenge (22 organizations)
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11th SAC 2016

2016.11.23 Detail 2

Artificial Intelligence - the Future has Already Begun

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Won the Scholarship Quiz Show <Compete! Exobrain>

2016.11.18 Detail 1

  • Competed with 4 former quiz winners in Nov. 2016 and obtained a final score of 510 points (from a total score of 600 points), overwhelming the second-place winner by 160 points
  • Developed grammar understanding technology on the level of linguists and QA technology on the level of human quiz winners
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