Development of deep question answering technology for paragraph/table subjects of real office documents

2020.12 Detail 1

  • performance for office document : 83.57% F1(Top5)
  • Provide the correct answers and evidence for natural language questions by understanding the content of office documents
오피스 심층질의응답
2020 National R&D Excellence and Selection of the 100th Level

2020.10 Detail 1

  • Information/Electronics field
  • Excellence: Development of the world's best Korean language model and Q&A technology
2020년 국가 연구개발 우수성과 100선(인증서)
Establishing and disclosing the highest level of Korean language model that can be used universally in written and spoken languages

2020.08 Detail 1

  • Improved performance for written & spoken MRC(machine reading Comprehension) assessment set (improved error 40% compared to existing models)
  • Additional release of spoken language analysis API
문어체구어체 한국어 언어모델
Development and Industrialization of factoid/descriptive deep question answering Based on Korea's Best Machine-Reading Technology

2019.10.31 Detail 1

  • Provision of Hancom Office and OpenAPI service with general-purpose deep question answering technology
  • Deep question answering technology for legal knowledge, demonstration test of demand organizations (National Assembly Library, National Science and Technology Research Association) was passed and will be commercialized in 2020.
국내 최고 기계독해 기술 기반 단답형, 서술형 심층질의응답 개발
The first place in Korean Machine Reading Challenge KorQuAD 1.0

2019.10.25 Detail 1

  • Top of 62 teams in KorQuAD 1.0 hosted by LG CNS(‘19.10.25)
  • Application of ETRI Development KorBERT Large v1.0 Model
한국어 기계독해 챌린지 KorQuAD 1.0 1위
Development and dissemination of deep learning based language model KorBERT, Korean in the best

2019.06.11 Detail 1

  • Development of 4.5% better Korean language model than Google language model
  • Many are being used as a Korean language model in industry and academia
한국어 최고 딥러닝 언어모델 KorBERT
2018 Published Exobrain open API and learning data (revised)

2018.12.11 Detail 1

  • Published additional Wikipedia Q&A and machine reading comprehension Q&A API
  • Published additional language processing learning data and development standard
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2018 Exobrain Language Intelligence Symposium

2018.08.13 Detail 1

  • Keynote speech and Exobrain study results given by overseas experts
  • Technology exchange with domestic researchers through exhibition of posters and technology
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Opened API services for Exobrain

2017.10.30 Detail 1

  • Opened in Oct. 30, 2017
  • Provided free API services for research and development of prototypes
  • Connected with the intelligence information industry infrastructure project hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT
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Distributed Exobrain corpora to the HCLT conference in 2017

2017.10.13 Detail 1

99 Exobrain corpora distributed by the Conference of Hangul and Korean Information Processing (Oct. 13th to 14th 2017)

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Provided an Artificial Intelligence R&D challenge with an interface to a natural language program

2017.08.25 Detail 1

  • Utilized the Artificial Intelligence R&D Challenge to support “Finding out the Fake News” directed by the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2017
  • Distributed the Exobrain Library to the organizations participating in the AI Challenge (22 organizations)
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Won the Scholarship Quiz Show <Compete! Exobrain>

2016.11.18 Detail 1

  • Competed with 4 former quiz winners in Nov. 2016 and obtained a final score of 510 points (from a total score of 600 points), overwhelming the second-place winner by 160 points
  • Developed grammar understanding technology on the level of linguists and QA technology on the level of human quiz winners
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Introducing ‘Pyongyang Friend’, an AI virtual assistant service in collaboration with the City Hall of Seoul and the Ministry of Unification.

2019.11.26 Detail 2

  • Intelligent avatar service capable of conversational question-answering.
  • Featuring the accent of Pyongyang people and augmented with the knowledge graph specific to the geographic and cultural domain.
AIaaS, the first South Korean AI platform technology to be exported.

2019.09.09 Detail 2

  • Multilingual Exobrain technologies for knowledge acquisition and knowledge base building.
  • Integrated with Saltlux AI Suite.
12th SAC 2017

2017.11.15 Detail 2

The Truth about Artificial Intelligence and Data

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11th SAC 2016

2016.11.23 Detail 2

Artificial Intelligence - the Future has Already Begun

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The first place in TriviaQA Open Challenge (As of ‘19.12.15)

2019.12.15 Detail 3(2017~2019)

Ranked No.1 in all performance metrics (full-em. full-f1, verified-em, verified-f1) at TriviaQA open challenge Wikipedia domain as of Dec. 15

TriviaQA 리더보드